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About Memories Factory




這個嶄新概念吸引了不同企業、團體及媒體支持,在2012年成為第一批在集資平台Fringe Backer成功集資的計劃,更在2013年獲理大微基金資助。

We are Memories Factory, our Founder Agnes Nong believes that every one of us is unique and creative, but the talent was usually hidden when we grow old. This is why we focus on upcycle human mind, emotion and memories, we also incorporate design education in our products and workshops.

We make use of customers’ memorable items, upcycle adding value on it with handcrafting skills and creativity, transforming them into unique, valuable experience for the customers by workshops, retailing and customized services.

This innovative idea attracted supports from companies, organizations and media for CSR purpose etc. It was also successfully funded in Fringe Backer, an online crowd-funding platform, in 2012, also became one of the PolyU Micro Fund Awardees in 2013.

About Agnes Nong



Agnes graduated in HK Polytechnic University – Product Design and also, Art and Design in Education. She believes that design is not only making a product but is an education process. She founded “Memories Factory” in 2012, using an innovative method to spread eco habit – recall memories in order to restore stuff. It immediately raised feedback and attracted media attention, which she was also nominated as the Eco Star 2013.

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About Seeds of Memories


《Seeds of Memories》由來自不同背景的義工組成,他們懷著一個共同的理念-「回憶皆是珍貴及可升級再造的﹗」。得到《回憶工業》的支持,《Seeds of Memories》正嘗試收集不同的回憶,透過RE:THINK – RE:CONNECT – RE:ACT的過程,為舊有的回憶重新付予新生。

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Memories Factory Crowdfunding 2012

Memories Factory Debut Exhibition 2013

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