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《回憶工業》 為企業或團體度身訂造不同主題的工作坊,因應客戶的需要,提供如創意、傳統工藝、舊物增值再造等工作坊。參加的企業除了可借此為企業減廢及舊物增值外,更同時增加員工的環保觸角及對企業的歸屬感。除了工作坊,我們也承接不同形式的課程、講座及展覽。如協助商業機構舉行對外、以公眾為對象的環保工作坊,向大眾宣揚環保訊息及社會責任的重要性,有效提高企業的形象。

Memories Factory conducts workshops with various themes which are tailor-made for enterprises and organisations. These themes include creative, handcraft and upcycling etc. On one hand, participating enterprises could take this opportunity to reduce waste and upcycle their used materials. On the other hand, the workshops could also increase staff awareness in preserving the environment and their sense of belonging to the enterprises. Besides workshops, we also conduct different courses, seminars and exhibitions. For example, we had assisted commercial organisations to conduct external green workshops for the members of public in order to spread the message of protecting the environment as well as to enhance enterprises' image through these social responsibility campaigns.

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